Brief guide to Coffee Mug Heaven©

This site serves as the only coffee mug "portal" on the WWW. Our mission is to serve the global internet community as the best site to see and find interesting and unique coffee mugs.

This mission is accomplished by providing several services.
1. CMH continually searchs the web for new, (unused) interesting and unique coffee mugs that are available for purchase via the WWW and provide links to them for our visitors.
2. Collect images of interesting and unique coffee mugs and display them. These images provide a reference source to coffee mug collectors (a sort of encyclopedia of coffee mugs) and entertainment for those who simply enjoy the site as a
3. Assist visitors in finding specific coffee mugs.

There are basically two types of mugs in Coffee Mug Heaven (CMH)

Part of CMH's mission is to be your one-stop internet shopping center for coffee mugs. Ideally, if you're looking to purchase an interesting coffee mug, you know you can come here and find it.

These mugs will have a link on the image of the mug that will take you to either the site that sells the mug or the exact page where the mug can be purchased.

These mugs are from my collection, mugs I've found around the web, and collections of CMH's friends.

If you're interested in buying one of these mugs, your best bet is to search for it on eBay or Ruby Lane.


Areas below contain

Areas below contain

Page has a green background
and the "Mugs YOU Can Buy" logo is
displayed on the page

Page has a purple background
and the "The DLGDyer Collection" logo is
displayed on the page

Coffee Mug Heaven Mall
Page of links to CMH affiliate sites and other
sites where there are lots of coffee mugs
available for purchase

Page has a blue background
and the "Other People's Mugs" logo is
displayed on the page

Page has a red background
and the "Friend's Mugs" logo is
displayed on the page

the CMH Garage
Background is green mugs on white
and the "Coffee Mug Heaven GARAGE"
title at the top of the page

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