20 November 2000

Just for the record...

Mug Election 2000 stopped accepting votes at midnight on election day. All votes received after the deadline were discarded. NO ABSENTEE ballots will be accepted and there will be NO RECOUNTS. Don't send Jesse Jackson to my house - everyone got their chance to vote.

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry I've not added any new mugs recently...busy with my new job.
But stay tuned, I'm determined to launch the

Coffee Mug Heaven

by 1 Jan 2001.

7 November 2000

Mug Election 2000 Results

The public has spoken and

George W. Bush
had the best coffee mug of the
2000 Presidential Campaign

see the final results

New mugs - later this week

5 October 2000

BIG Changes Coming

Coffee Mug Heaven is preparing to evolve. The site is a bit old fashioned...it's true, and I'm not ashamed of that...too much.

Soon CMH will evolve into a completely "modern" web site. Launch of the new CMH is scheduled for 1 January 2001. Stay tuned...

Halloween's a comin'

Broke out all the Halloween decorations for the site. Check out the new Halloween mugs

New mugs - 22

26 September 2000

Mug Election 2000 Results

The first two weeks worth of results are now posted - see who's ahead.

New mugs - 2

19 September 2000

2000 Olympic Games

This week's new mugs - 10

10 September 2000
Mug Election 2000

Which Presidential Candidate has the best coffee mug for sale on the web? Make your voice heard - vote today!

Some more mugs and renovations

Just a few new mugs today. I spent a lot of time fixing my "Worthy Links" page and working on the Coffee Mug Heaven Mall - trying to make the best layout for your shopping pleasure (ease of navigation).

This week's new mugs - 5

7 September 2000
NEW! Official Sponsorship

Coffee Mug Heaven will soon feature monthly sponsorship. Our sponsors will usually be coffee mug or coffee related companies that I feel are worthy of sponsoring CMH and worthy of my visitors (potential) business.

Soon to come

THE Official Coffee Mug Heaven 1st Anniversary mug...stay tuned for details on how to get one for your very own.

Please give me your thoughts

Coffee Mug Heaven is evolving and you can help shape it's future. Please take a few minutes and take my survey at Zoomerang.com

Unique hits

And for those of you who interested or curious, here's a chart showing Coffee Mug Heaven's unique hits since it first hit the web on 1 April 1999.

31 August 2000
His cup runneth over

click on the article for a readable size version

That's the headline for the article Jennifer Martin wrote about me for the Bowie Blade-News. A nice piece about me and Coffee Mug Heaven. There are a few minor inaccuracies, but overall very nice.

Check the
Coffee Mug Heaven Garage
for regular (sometimes daily) updates

eBay Auction

I currently (till 10 Sep) have a really special mug up for auction on eBay. It's a John Wayne Cast and Crew Mug for the movie "The Train Robbers". My grandmother (who was a Big Band singer in the 40s and new many celebrities) got this mug when the movie was made (something to do with an auction) and my father just gave it to me. It's the kind of mug that I KNOW some collector would love to have whereas I really don't have much interest in John Wayne memorabilia, so I decided to auction it. It will always be part of my "virtual collection" here at CMH, but I hope it will sell and be properly appreciated by another collector.

26 August 2000
In local news

Today I was interviewed and photographed for a story about Coffee Mug Heaven in my local newspaper. I'll post the story after it comes out next Thursday.

This week's new feature:
Coffee Mug Heaven Garage

It's very much like my garage...boxes of unsorted mugs just waiting to get out on display. It's a great place to go if you'd like to rummage through the boxes and see what mugs will soon have their own page on Coffee Mug Heaven.

18 August 2000
The 2 that got away

I am a huge fan of Ultraman...and I collect mugs...so you can imagine how disappointing it was for me to lose the 2 of the mugs featured this week to another bidder on eBay.

This week's new mugs - 8

25 July 2000

full page

Yahoo! Internet Life - p54, lower right corner of the page

23 July 2000
Long time, no update...2

National Guard Annual Training is over, but I'm busy with fixing cars...here's some new mugs.

This week's new mugs - 7

11 May 2000
Long time, no update...

To my regular visitors - sorry for the long break in updating the site. Still trying to re-tool Coffee Mug Heaven, lots of decisions to make. Some more mugs for now.

This week's new mugs - 6

8 March 2000
No news this week

Just more mugs. Well, I'm numbering my mugs - which is almost 1/2 way done.

This week's new mugs (all mine, yet again) - 5

2 March 2000
Busy, busy

Lots going on behind the scenes at CMH. Stay tuned...

This week's new mugs (all mine) - 5

24 February 2000
Big things commin'

The "success" of Coffee Mug Heaven has truly been amazing. Check out standings in these major search engines. Much like amazon.com, I've not made any money ... yet. I may have to go public so I get some cash off all my work here.

This week's new mugs (all mine) - 4

13 February 2000
Charles Schulz Tribute

Charles Schultz
Staff Sergeant, US Army
WWII Veteran

As the creator of the most popular comic strip in history, the unassuming artist enjoyed world acclaim and received many accolades. He won five Emmys, two Peabody awards, the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government and the Cartoonists Hall of Fame. He had his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and even a personal invitation to meet the Pope, who numbered among the millions of Peanuts' fans.

"Peanuts'' appears in 2,600 newspapers, with an estimated 350 million people in 75 countries turning to the comic strip each day to glean a simple joke, a dash of philosophy, a dose of dark humor. read the full story
© 2000 The Press Democrat

I usually don't focus so much on the passing of famous people, but who hasn't been touched by "Peanuts." Schulz passing is the end of an era and his cartoon will always symbolize the period of the past 50 years - from the cold war to the dawning of the information age. Sure, the strip had become a bit stale in recent years, but the body of his work and it's effect on the world are remarkable. One of the first mugs I remember owning was one of Snoopy getting snowed on and the caption read "I hate when it snows on my french toast." He shall be missed.

This week's new mugs - 9

P.S. I'm working on some major changes - so "Pardon Our Dust". There may be some broken links or other strangeness.

19 January 2000
Tribute to a Fallen Friend

7 Nov 1922 - 27 Apr 1999

Ever wonder what the tune is that you hear upon entering Coffee Mug Heaven? It's Al Hirt's Java. Unfortunately it was not until an end of year retrospective that I learned of his death. I first heard Java when I was a kid as the background music to public service announcements on a local TV station. Last year, out of nowhere, the tune got in my head and I couldn't shake it. I had to know what it was. A music compilation CD commercial solved the mystery - I had to get that song. I bought a CD (The Al Hirt Collection) and there it was, all 1 minute and 58 seconds of Java. Looking back, I wonder if the spirit of ol' Sugar Lips himself didn't plant the tune in my head.


This week's new mugs - 12

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