Message from the Proprietor

DLGDyer at MacWorld 2000 in NYC

The original purpose of Coffee Mug Heaven was to allow me to see all my mugs. I have them stored in boxes because I've not decided how I want to display them yet.

The website has grown into a place where coffee mug collectors from around the world can see all kinds of coffee mugs and share their mugs with the world.

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This is the mug rack that sits in my office. These mugs are known as the "elite 9."
You can click on them to see them enlarged.
I'd like to see CMH become is the place people come when they're looking to buy coffee mugs. I'm searching the internet for mugs of all types to help people find that certain mug...quickly. But the collections are the meat of the site, they serve as the basis of CMH. Sort of an encyclopedia of coffee mugs.
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