Coffee Mug Heaven was originally created to share my mug collection with the world.
Now you can submit your favorite coffee mugs to share them with the world too.

Criteria for submitting mugs - Coffee Mug Heaven Friends' Mugs

  1. All mugs submitted will be judged on uniqueness and beauty for entrance into Coffee Mug Heaven (CMH). To get an idea of the kind of mugs we like, review the Coffee Mug Heaven Friends' Mugs section.
  2. The mug cannot already be featured on CMH.
  3. The mug should not be boring, I know, some of mine might be, but it's my website. The more unique, the better.
  4. The mug should not be an ugly company mug. However, if your mug is unique I will evaluate it as any other mug. If accepted, I will even put a link to your company's website or email address. Makers of unique coffee mugs should always to be rewarded.

Methods of submitting mugs

  1. You can send a digital image (jpg preferably, 72 pixels/inch, 3 inches /216 pixels wide - I can work with almost any image sent; bigger is better than smaller) via email to
  2. If you'd like to mail a photo of your mug, email me first at and we'll arrange to receive the photo
    Once you've submitted your mug, I'll email you when it's accepted and posted.

Criteria for submitting mugs - Mugs YOU Can Buy

CMH is interested in featuring as many mugs that are available for sale on the WWW as possible. To subsidize our operation, a small fee may be necessary to feature your mug. Please email me,, so we can discuss the details.